Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughts on Winter

I saw this posted by one of my friends on facebook right as I was feeling so so cold...

Excuse me while I indulge for a moment. I'm growing a bit tired of hearing people complain about winter and about how much they hate it. YES, winter is bitter cold and undeniably less awesome than summer.  In fact, in my estimation, summer is at least 3.4 times awesomer than any other season.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I thrive in summer. Really; I have my fair share of fun when the sun is out. But come ON! Unless you get rich/lazy and move somewhere dreamy, upwards of 30%-50% of your life will be spent in non-summer months... Are you really resigning yourself to the fate of being MISERABLE for 30%-50% of the rest of your life? You're really going to give in that easily? Why not tell Old Man Winter that he doesn't OWN you and find things you LOVE about winter instead?

Like the fact that winter is perfect for reading that book you've been putting off since...summer? Or, that winter is ideal for catching up on your favorite television show while snuggling under a blanket with Mr./Ms. Dreamboat?  Or, for spending more time at the gym since you're not so busy with laying out at the pool and doing nothing? Or, perhaps for (gasp) working/studying and getting things done?  Or even for breaking a nasty habit and replacing it with a better one?

Or maybe doing something new - Enjoy local world-class skiing/snowboarding, build an igloo up the canyon and sleep in it, learn to curl/cross-country-ski, go snowshoeing or snowmobiling to a cabin, go sledding down a snow-covered road, watch Olympic-qualifier half-pipe, skiing, and bobsled competitions, go bobsledding (yes, on the Olympic track), play ice broomball, or stalk celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival?

Oh, you say that you hate being cold?

Well, maybe you could catch up on your scrapbook/journal, learn to cook a new meal or bake a new dessert, throw a party for no reason at all, go hot tubbing (it's even more satisfying in the winter), cook dinner for someone you care about, go dancing with friends, start a blog, go shopping, stay up-to-date on politics/world events, learn/develop your skills on a musical instrument, go to a play/the symphony, call an old friend, write a letter to your mom, ask someone on a date, have a Mariokart/Halo tournament, volunteer at the soup kitchen/the hospital/wherever, go to a restaurant you've never been to, visit the dueling piano bar, celebrate Festivus, go bowling, go to a BYU/Jazz basketball game, attend the rugby Sevens tournament in Vegas, watch the sunset from your heated car, kiss someone, kiss them again, catch up on sleep, build a pillow/blanket fort, play a board game, put a puzzle together, learn to fly an airplane, go to the climbing gym, go indoor paint balling, try out archery, go to the arcade, play roller hockey in a parking garage, have a Nerf war in your apartment, paint along with Bob Ross, find something novel to do with junk at DI, go to a midnight mass, go to a yoga/Zumba/kickboxing/MMA class...

OR, if you exhaust this entire list and decide that you still hate winter...I guess then you can at least say it with conviction!

(There's got to be SOMETHING you love about winter.  Tell me in a comment below, and I'll love you forever.  Or at least until summertime.)

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  1. I love that it means spring is the next season.

    Just kidding. That wasn't what you were looking for was it? :)

    I love that I can wear fabulous sweaters and layers and scarves and coats and headbands. I like my winter wardrobe.