Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Lord Knows Best

I can't get my scholarship no matter what BUT...
Classes were waived from my major so that I only have one class left to graduate!!!
I will take Art History 201.
I have no job currently --- but to be a Hall Advisor you must have 6 credits or less (and I now do!!!).
Also, because I am still a student (taking 3 credits) we may still be eligible for Pell Grants!
The Lord knows what He's doing.

I know some things I will do for sure...and unbelievably this is EVERYTHING I'm committed to!
1. LOVE DANNY (of course)
2. Work with Make A Wish families
3. Work with Paint A Wish families
4. Help Kirt learn logic 
5. Start a family
6. Fulfill my church calling
7. Do temple work
8. Come closer to the Lord this semester
9. Exercise
10.Complete Americorps (300 hours of service since September...I'm almost done!)
11.HOPEFULLY become a Hall Advisor

But the question is WHAT ELSE WILL I DO? I thought of everything I might love doing and that could possibly make money.
1. Learn from Dan's uncle Donny
2. Work for/shadow a photographer
3. Go to Val's classes
4. Collect art to sell in Monterey (My PERSONAL FAVORITE)
5. Earn Americorps again
6. Apply for FAFSA
7. Alice Lane Home
8. Do Raylene's photography class
9. Do colored pencil drawings for families
10.Learn to oil paint
11.Photograph for a magazine (interiors)/ for people in Park City
12.Manage apartments
13.Get a realtor's license (call Shelley Tripp/ Ivory homes)
14.Begin a floral design business (I've always thought that would be fun)
15.Party it up with Lexi and Greg in New York 
16.Do Dan's internship with him
17.Learn everything I can about sales/investing
18.Substitute teach
19.Clean peoples' homes (surprisingly I think I would actually like this job!)
20.Volunteer at the MTC learning discussions

Any other ideas????

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  1. Haha well with your work ethic you could probably learn a new language. Also, if you listened to Condoleezza Rice's forum you could volunteer tutor! Or even have your own tutoring business. I know people are looking for tutors for their high school kids all over craigslist. :) Good luck girlie! You always inspire me.