Friday, January 21, 2011

Goals for the new year inspired by good scholars

Yesterday at Sports Hero day we heard a speech from Jimmer Fridette who told us that we need to set goals. When he was young his brother brought him a piece of paper that said, "I, Jimmer will do all that is necessary to play for the NBA." It is important to write them down and have a plan for how we will actually achieve them. For Jimmer, that paper is next to his bed every night. Then the QB Heaps told us that we need to make our actions match those goals. 
As Dan and I walked home we set goals to have passive income.
In my quest for knowledge of investing I found this quote that applies to much more of our lives than just finances:
 "What if you spend much of your time thinking about a lot of issues that concern you? You will spend less time taking action to solve those problems." --The Millionaire Next Door

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