Thursday, December 15, 2011

I need to paint

I found a blog that I love! Its this young mom who lives with her little daughter in Italy where her husband is going to grad. school. I love seeing her works of art. I love that though she doesn't think it's anything amazing, I do. I see that she is actually painting. I miss that. I need to do it often -- especially when I have Milah and am not working. I would love to become engrossed in a great work of art that makes me forget the entire world. But I always seem to end up copying something I've seen. Its like I appreciate others' art so much that I just want to do a work of art like theirs. I don't know how to overcome that, but I think the best way is with knowledge. I need to know where the shadows fall. 
I love this girls' description of how art makes her feel and getting back into painting. 
"I tried sketching a bit last week. I played around with some watercolors too. I didn't make anything beautiful, I just remembered what it felt like to let my mind go and feel the paper under the tip of my brush. I liked that feeling. I liked looking at the dark pencil lead drag across the page. I liked making circles and feeling my fingers, then hand, then arm loosen up. It felt something like waking up in the morning." via 

I love this post about contemporary and abstract art!

And I loved her final BFA show in the HFAC at BYU last year!!!
Maybe you remember this installation?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby baby :)

Ok, so I've started looking at baby stuff :) -- so fun!
I thought this was brilliant and I'd love to make one.
Especially it would be really useful in big cities etc. And I never want to use the toddler seats at restaurants etc. ug!