Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

What milah has said/done lately

Sat night at adult session of stake conference the bag of toys was accidentally left in the car. Milah entertained herself by getting into and out of Brielle's carseat and putting the carseat cover over herself and taking it off. 
Oh, and during one long silent pause in the speaker's talk, she yelled "holy cow!" 
Luckily pretty much all the other talking she did was in Russian so others couldn't understand. 

Also, I made her a "baby" out of paper (a folded origami bird). She loved cradling it, giving it a pacifier, kissing it, wrapping it in a blanket, handing it to me. 

Every time we drive longer than 15 mins this last week, she said "Patrice! Patrice's house" and thought we were going there. 

Last night Patrice and family did have us over for a delicious dinner and watching the Olympics. 

We spent this last weekend as Moss landing with Grandma and Grandpa. We found many many starfish on the beach, probably 20 or so that weren't broken or damaged. The tide during the storm must have been so perfect. 

Also, I tried to get Milah to take a nap in Grandma and Grandpa's RV. We were in a bed together. She started wailing for 15 minutes, saying only "Grandpa sleeping....quiet" in between cries. Grandpa slept soundly through the whole thing and has no recollection of any noise during his nap.