Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My my how life changes in an afternoon...

Today I was walking up to campus and felt like I wasn't sure what path to take and like I was regretting telling Wilson's I wouldn't work for them. I called my parents who helped me realize that working as a diamond salesman wouldn't be the best long-term project (I've realized this many many times over in the last few weeks but couldn't get it off of my mind).
I went to the career fair for Dan to look for Merrill Lynch who wasn't there. As I turned the corner I saw Ivory Homes and everything made sense! I have this little game I play with myself where I become incredibly enthused with something and wonder if I can convince these people that I'm just the person for the job (which I truly believe, mind you). Well they promised me an interview next week and said "you've got everything we're looking for!"
I realized how much happier I'd be getting a real estate license through Ivory and actually getting paid to do something I'm interested in. And it will be fun to have a new challenge more than doing the Hall Advisor job where I need to stay home all day. I think this job would still be 40 hours a week.
Then I went to RPM (the people Danny's interning for) and talked to their representative and I have an interview tomorrow! It would be really fun to learn how to evaluate companies and help them improve their businesses! So that would be 20 hours a week (unpaid though).
Then I went to the financial aid office and met the wife of one of the guys who is interning in Moscow over the summer. So now I have a connection and friend there---and we may spend all day learning Russian and trying to find our way around Russia together this summer!
Well, we'll see what happens but I'm excited to begin something new and fun!
Just when things seem foggy they seem to come together!

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