Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reminds me of Europe/IMAGINE

This reminds me of the enchanting streets of Europe. How I loved the trip! 
It comes from a girl's blog that I just discovered. I love her blog ( She has a gift for writing and imagination. 
Tonight I watched Bridge to Terabithea at Dan's parents home and I cried the worst I have in any movie EVER. I love Leslie! I always saw a lot of myself in her and wanted to be like her. The movie takes you back to being a kid (not to mention that I read the book when I was a kid) and you see how kids use their imagination. I want to be like that; Dan brings that out in me and we almost create a little world of our own with funny voices and he flips me upside down and I scream and flail. It's quite fun! I hope we imagine together all of our lives. One thing I really want to do in my life is paint a room gold like they did. I think it would be spectacular to watch the sun set in the room. For Ivory homes I get to design a home---any home I'd like---from start to finish! And nope, there's no set buyer. I design the floor plan and colors and EVERYTHING! Maybe I'll experiment with it there. I also want to do murals on the walls with my children. 

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