Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A lover of chairs???

In my Interior Design class we learn about chairs...for 6 hours a week I learn about chairs! And I love it! I find myself paying attention to chairs and wondering who created them and why and what time period they were in. Yesterday in class we learned about Vienna Cafe #18 by Michael Thonet. This was one of many "bentwood" chairs (literally bent wood). They were the first really mass produced chairs and over 40 million were sold by 1886! They work with country, fancy, artsy styles and in a library, shop, and museum. 
Well today I am organizing all day. And I was reading Penelope loves lists (one of my favorite inspirational blogs) and I found this picture and LOVED IT!!! And then I realized Vienna Cafe chair #18 and thought---I know that chair!!!
I am becoming a lover of chairs!

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