Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love change.
This is ironic because when I was little I had nightmares about moving and told my family "no thanks on the moving thing, I'll live with my grandparents."
I decided I could never marry someone in the military for that reason (though I GREATLY appreciate the sacrifices they made).
But I love change in life! I love beginning new years, starting new projects, having new interests etc.
Well today I finally had an urge to completely devote my life to something and to become an expert in _______.
The only problem is I have 60 ideas of what that could be!
I would love teaching art, piano, school; being an oil painter, colored pencil portrait painter, art historian, graphic designer, portrait photographer, wedding photographer, florist, cook, organizer, service guru, tutor, blogger, real estate agent, art connoisseur, violinist, concert pianist, dancer, investor etc.
Today I felt in limbo not doing school or work and I saw my most impressive professor who knows everything there is to know about photography and the gospel but devotes his life to it and I felt discouraged. I am mediocre at a lot of things ---- and that's super fun for a social life and a fun lifestyle but what would it be like to be an expert at one thing? So far if I chose one thing for that "expert thing" it would be talking to parents of kids with life-threatening illnesses and helping them network and providing services for them.
I might choose to invest the most time for the next 10 years (besides being a mom of course) to learning about investing and passive income....but that's just for tonight so I'd better be ready for a change! :)

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