Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have been so frustrated this last hour about some scholarship confusion and how much school costs that I just felt like crying.
I decided to call our new little wish kid, Jiselle, to see if that would cheer me up. I spoke with her father who is in the hospital right now as they do surgery removing tumors. It is such a scary surgery! It was just really helpful because a few thousand dollars had me down but how hard would it be to have my daughter's life in jeopardy?
I am so grateful for things like that that put life into perspective. 

 "He who has led the humble life has guidance in his heart."

Another one of those things was a movie we watched last night called "Captain Abu Raed." Little children think he's a pilot and he begins to tell them stories from his "travels."
He begins helping these little children. One little boy has to sell so many wafers a day so Captain would come buy them all so the little boy could go to school.
Then when another child is beaten by his father, Captain helps the children and mother escape and is killed in the process of helping them find a better life.
This was such an inspiring story because we too can dedicate our lives to helping others and even "live for others."

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