Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yes, I wear a ring

I have a funny story. . . this guy in my Philosophy class seemed to make conversation with me and I kind of started avoiding him. You know how someone can talk to you and someone can talk to you? Well he was talking to me (with just a hint of interest in me). I thought it was strange since we're in the same class and I'm his TA and I wear a ring everyday so I'm obviously married -- you'd think he'd notice!
Well a few days ago in the lab I walked over to help someone and he said "Wow! I've never noticed your ring before! Can I look at it?" I gave it to him and he said "Wow, those are all diamonds and on that part, that's all covered with diamonds..." Anyway, I had a hard time not laughing just because I'm sure he felt stupid for not noticing. Needless to say I was super relieved that he finally noticed :)

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