Monday, November 8, 2010


Daniel and I took quite the Sunday adventure and learned a great lesson. We were on our way to the sand dunes when we made some rustic discoveries. I learned that it's not about the destination but about finding joy in the journey. We saw the most amazing sunset (since last week :) ) and both felt a tradition coming along...seeing sunset together in some neat place each Sabbath.
A little mishap: our camera ran out of batteries half way through. Luckily we could plug it in at the local gas station. So we didn't get any cool sunset pictures because we were saving our batteries for the sand dunes. And the sand dune pictures didn't even turn out! So...find joy in the journey!
Some of the words of one of my favorite songs: there is no station, no final place where dreams come true, no better world than this because here and now, our attitude and what we make of this world and our attitude, our willingness to sacrifice for one another -- that is eternity. 

The roof of this cool building collapsed! I have found the inspiration for my next watercolor that's due today at two :)
Mom H mentioned there wasn't a single picture of me on my blog...funny I hadn't even noticed. Guess I just find Daniel so attractive I got distracted!
CROPPING EXERCISES (for photog. class) 
Left: Orson Pratt's home
 right: experimenting with line

a feel for the town
Taken on an old train
 caboose we found in     
the middle of the town!


  1. Where was this town? that's so awesome!!! p.s. I love ya sissy and bruder!! :D oh, I got a blog too at

  2. Thanks sissy! Yeah, we were going to sand dunes that are only 70 miles southwest of Provo and halfway there we ran into Eureka and we spent all our time there and used up the whole battery on the camera! We charged it in a gas station for 10 minutes and it was almost completely dark by the time we got to the sand dunes. :) -D