Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fantastic Husband

Yesterday I had a 10 page paper to write. And not just any paper, a super deep philosophical paper.
My teacher nonchalantly mentioned this text is the hardest text we'll ever read (including law school) and assigned us the 630 page book called "The Concluding Unscientific Postscript" to read in just a few weeks.
Sometime maybe I'll share one of the epiphanies I learned while writing about this book. 
But for now, I just want to highlight my fantastic husband. 
Who tried to buy me flowers but decided I'd rather be on time to my class AND skip walking in the rain.
And while he drove me he did something on my to-do list (returned art stuff from the activity in October).
He spent time helping me understand crazy philosophical text. 
He emptied the dishes. 
He "stopped by" target to look for a pair of slippers so my feet wouldn't be cold but they just had weird old grandma ones. 
And before leaving to do all these nice things he pointed our portable heater straight at me and turned it on full blast. 
He painted with me over the weekend
He took me out to Cafe Rio and shared my favorite salad with me
He gave me plenty of hugs and kisses
He asked my forgiveness 
And he understood my feelings and we came up with a solution for Christmas------finally!
He took me on a teeny vacation to the sand dunes but we had too much fun on the way taking pictures
He cooked turkey for our Sunday dinner
He watched one of the most beautiful sunsets with me and we began a tradition to watch sunset every Sunday in a unique place
He reads me scriptures and makes sure we pray together every day
He baptized me at the temple
He told my mom how wonderful I was and his brother how lucky he was that I was his wife

And I could continued on and on about how wonderful he is . . . 

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