Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catholic Traditions

I have been learning about Catholic traditions:
One Catholic woman (who is a librarian at BYU) told us how much she loves that her Christmas spirit lasts so long. She waits until just before Christmas to put up her Christmas tree and then leaves it up until Epiphany (the adoration of the magi).
We took a survey in class and found that there were tons of us who grew up with advent calendars where you count down to Christmas and there's a candy in each little flap you open. Well this was originally a Catholic tradition and you got a scripture each day not a candy. Oh the commercialization!
I realized how hard it would be to convert to Mormonism after being devout in any faith. The woman who came to speak to us brought quite a few of her icons, fridge reminders of her faith etc. To ask her to give up all these small icons and to only celebrate our few holidays rather than the seemingly constant holidays on the liturgical calendar would be so so hard! I can't believe people actually convert!
Finally, we had a young man come speak to us about how Catholics believe in eternal marriage. They believe in an eternity where we are married to Christ. Personally, I think I would not be satisfied without Danny Holbrook as my eternal companion; I am so grateful for my beliefs concerning eternal marriage!

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