Friday, November 5, 2010

Go I Know Not Wither, Fetch I Know Not What

I love the title of this post -- it's from a Russian fairy tale that I love! It reminds me a little of my life right now. I went to Dan's business presentation and really really loved it (and not just because it was my hottest husband who was presenting though that played a big role :)). I love solving problems and I was intrigued by trying to "sell" their strategy. I was thinking of how much I loved the challenge and the big opportunities and dreams that come with business -- I've never been one to love laws (or to keep any law I think is remotely silly). 
Ok, Story Time :) though it's quite a diversion:) When I was younger, the school system had to announce my name over the high school loud speaker for about 15 times before I would comply with taking the state standardized testing. It was stupid -- it didn't show what I'd learned and I knew no one really cared if I took it. When the principle finally asked me nicely to take it I did. And I was going to do my best -- when all the kids wrote their essays in the first 15 minutes and slept I stayed after to finish. Well, soon enough I hear my name over the loud speakers...again! They asked me to rewrite my essay and shorten it so that it fit inside the box outlined on the piece of paper. I reacted pretty strongly and told them if they wanted me to think inside the box they could rewrite my essay for me but that just because I put forth extra effort didn't mean I would miss my class to rewrite my essay. 
So lately I've been completely open as to what I should make out of my life. I found the perfect poem that expressed the attitude I'm trying to have: "we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
I have considered teaching for a year with Teach for America, or doing what I'd love -- teaching art. But if I made what I love and do to get away from my day-to-day into the day-to-day, what would I do with the rest of my time? Besides, I LOVE business -- when I was young I was deemed the "slum lord" for owning mobile homes and filling vending machines -- and the opportunity to make a profit was so intriguing to me. I have the dreams of a businesslady. I love how law teaches you to think -- to not overstate things, to make convincing arguments. I love the opportunities that come with law -- and I would love to do business law. 
It's a time with the world completely open to me -- and it's a love it-hate it relationship. 
Well, we'll see where I end up :)

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