Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My sister Eden is hilarious and had us rolling with laughter at this experience. She agreed to write it down for my blog:

So yesterday I walked into the bathroom and as I was searching for an empty stall, I was looking through the cracks just like any normal person.  But the one I had chosen was of course occupied so when I looked through the cracks, there was definitely eye contact established.  Awful experience in and of itself.  Needless to say, I picked the stall next to her.  And then there was that awkward...we're the only two in the bathroom, so, do you say something or just leave it be? hmm good question. Well that question was answered when she dropped her cell phone. She reached to pick it up and i dumbly said the first thing that came to mind...."Five second rule!"......ugh! Dumb on so many levels.  It's a cell phone. I'm in a bathroom stall.  Of course the floors are nasty.  And it's a CELL PHONE.  Then i muttered, "You know, if you were planning on licking your phone....ha...." I could tell this conversation was very one-sided.  My laughter at trying to repair my own stupidity died out.  Well eventually I could hear her door creak open, and I could hear her slowly wash her hands.  It seemed to me that she washed each finger one by one. Hurry up woman!  Of course I was done. Of course I was just sitting there.  Of course the updraft was freakin me out and making me cold.  And of course I was NOT going to get out of the stall.  Nope i refuse.  What did you expect me to do?  Meet her?  Comment on her ridiculously expensive looking custom made brown boots?  So I patiently waited until she was gone.  But I know that the lady with the custom brown boots.  Her cell phone's been on the floor.  Ya, ew right? 

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