Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I learned another great lesson from my watercolor teacher. It's about Brigham Young.

Brigham was given two pieces of advice:
1) Don't hurry
2) Get the spirit
My watercolor teacher is one of the most laid back guys I know and he took the first as a given--something that was easy to do. WAIT! It's not easy for me! I had an epiphany...that I concentrate on not hurrying in the everyday moments but what about hurrying to other long-term responsibilities and achievements? I think it may be best to take a rest for a year before law school -- and not hurry!
The second realization was that if Brother Brigham struggled with hurrying, maybe it's ok if I do too.
He said this statement to emphasize that we'll pray in class to get the spirit. How cool it is that we can pray at college here at BYU!

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