Thursday, December 5, 2013

Two Cooks in Our Kitchen!

I LOVE this picture! What a great helper. Let the dress-ups begin :)

My birthday shopping helper :)

All these tomatillos and eggplants and chili peppers and jalapenos and Italian peppers and fresh herbs and tomatoes were from Grandma's garden! It's an incredible amount!!! I had a challenge: to preserve it all in just a few days!

We found a new favorite market called the Milk Pail. It's crazy packed with people and you have these mini carts and you can't fit them anywhere. The market doesn't have any doors on it, it's just open to the parking lot (which only holds 3 cars). Dan came over Thanksgiving and said he's never experienced anything like it. Maybe a Mexican market? Also, everyone there is Russian or Asian. As I walk around with Milah saying a few Russian words a Russian babushka usually starts chatting with us. I love it because they can't usually speak English so I get to practice my VERY LIMITED Russian with native speakers. 

 Canning Dill Pickles, Spaghetti sauce, and Fresh Tomatillos from Grandma's garden

I had to eat lunch too :)

Danny took a Saturday to cut up eggplant that we froze :)

What skill and concentration!

It's as big as her head!

Milah loved wearing the towel on her head after a nice bath :)

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