Sunday, December 15, 2013

Art at the Beach Cottage

Dan's parents watched Milah while I painted this! I was so excited to give it to Dan. He said he "prayed for me to finish it" since I've had lots of time to start paintings but they don't get finished very often :) While painting, I listened to Matt Cusson's new CD, which I love quite a lot. Also, I enjoyed as people would stop and watch me paint for a little while and tell me a little about their lives. One woman was particularly neat -- from Germany. She was so nice I brought her back to the beach house to meet everyone!

We saw a beautiful home that was for sale and enjoyed touring it. It was so beautifully decorated! My mom and I always had a lot of fun decorating my house growing up. She would put together floral arrangements with me in Hobby Lobby. This house made me think of her :)

I loved these paintings! I like this style with little detail; more impressionistic. I'd like to try some like this.

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