Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Irresistable Halloween Poodle

Friends in our neighborhood had us over for dinner. We had a blast going with people from the ward. 

What a cute poodle ;) Thanks LaLa and Papa!!!!

Milah would be the last of our group of kids to go up to the door and she'd choose a candy and say "thank you" in her cute voice. People just couldn't resist her. 

Milah and the little neighbor twinner whose name in Mila too :) 

On a particular road in our neighborhood everyone decorates for Halloween and it's where pretty much everyone goes trick-or-treating. Check out this house (there are so many like this!). There were block parties too -- some in the middle of the road! This guy had the coolest light suit of glow sticks. That's going to be Dan next year -- I know it!

A little crying breakdown in the middle of the road :)

Just couldn't resist including this one -- they're so dang cute!

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