Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Lives are Made of Many Moments....

This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole year! 
Haha, this makes me laugh so hard! I love the expression! And Milah loves glasses :)

I was taking out the camera to snap a picture of her when she ate soap! She coughed and sputtered and it went up her nose. What a face! 

Her favorite activity yet...drumming! 

Her favorite food lately...spaghetti! "buggehhhhiii"

She has been teething and she soaks everything in her crib with drool. The sheets, the blankets, and her coat! One morning I pulled her out of bed and we had to get it on film. You can see the wet parts? Yeah. We do a lot of laundry 'round here!

Check out the hair, man! Dan always calls it "mad scientist hair"

She's into the high heels! I remember a pic of me when I was little that looks so similar...I'm wearing my dad's boots that go up to my thighs! 

The budding photographer (left). She found the bandana in the laundry and put it on just like Danny wears it! 

Left: At the local good will she found a dream hat. What I love is the pregnant belly. Right: Oh yes! Do you remember that first time you shaved using Daddy's razor? Pretty special! She asks for it some days by saying "bzzzzzzz?"

Fun at the toy store. Oh, and we tried cronuts -- these things have been selling out in NYC. A man only makes a limited amount every day and the people buy them and sell them on ebay and such. 

 Fresh figs and bird of paradise on our walk around Palo Alto

Love the belly!

 36 week ultrasound of our Brielle! We can't wait to meet her so so soon!

A burrito Daddy size and baby size!

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