Thursday, December 5, 2013

Monterey Trip

My favorite point -- right near the beach cottage.

Seals are so cute :) These are right outside the beach cottage. Believe it or not, most starfish have died! There are just a very few left and we didnt' see a single one. They get a bacteria and their legs fall off one by one. How sad! We watched lots of news at the beach cottage and found that out -- and they don't even know why they die!

Oh, isn't this just the cutest picture?

Fun with the grandparents. Milah spent lots of time with Gima and Grandad, who watched her for the better part of 3 days while I painted! 
Our walk the last night we were there. 

This scene reminds me of a favorite book we've read lately called Blackmoore. It's a great romance by Julianne Donaldson -- read it if you have time! 

Candy Shop on the Wharf. Don't those look tempting?

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