Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Glance to the Past -- engagement, honeymoon, and Russia

Not quite sure where these turned up from, but they were in my iphoto as recent uploads. Super fun glance into the past!
I love this picture, because it's when we were driving to Monterey for our honeymoon. First day of being married!!!! Don't we look so happy? It only gets happier, can you believe!?!
Danny took beautiful artistic pictures of the temple where we'd be married in just a few weeks. He sent the picture with his arm around "invisible me" to me while I was traveling Europe.

 Danny loves the snow. Sorry babe! Wish you could have gone skiing with your dad yesterday :) He took these great pics.

Don't know where we were going, but aren't we cute? Student years at BYU were so fun!

I love this picture because Danny had so much fun with Bowzer. Danny was already ready for fatherhood -- a natural kid!

Danny driving on our honeymoon - what a cutie!

How happy do we look? Yep, we're that happy.

 Touring the Russian missle storing site (it's a museum) in Saratov. I like the wedding ring addition Danny :)

 Kostya took the day off to be our personal tour guide of Saratov, the place where Dan spent the most time on his mission.

 At the train station
We laughed so hard and had so much fun!

The whole family ready to board the train.

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