Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am so excited!
Daniel has always said I could let our kids paint their bedroom walls and watching Cassandra Barney makes me so happy!

The love for art began when I was small.
My Mom was sick with Multiple Sclerosis and she put special effort into making trips to my aunt's home where I would paint with watercolors squeezed onto paper plates.
My aunt and mother both fostered this love for art
mom and I read books about colored pencil drawing and photography then dressing up my younger siblings and took a trip to the botanical gardens where my little brother played the harmonica and we took pictures like crazy!

Well, I began teaching art lessons in highschool and I've been missing it a lot. So I have been trying to create an opportunity for disabled children to learn art for over a year and it is finally coming together!

~The lesson learned: art brings families together. One who captured my heart is a girl with brain tumors. She can't see out of her left eye and has no peripheral vision but she is brilliant. She cant find anything that will challenge her; she reads on the college level (I wish she could teach me before I take the LSAT!!!), but art is hard because she works logically. Her mom is like Cassandra Barney and has encouraged her and her 9 year old sister in working with clay and watercolors and nupastels -- I am SO excited to meet them!!!
~The lesson learned: art helps you express yourself. When I was young I used to not show my art to anyone. I love being able to do something horrible and no one ever knows. And something that is spectacular and I feel God-given and not show anyone. I love being out of my personality and unpredictable. Abstract. Well, another student is a young man with leukemia who just finished chemo and is trying to transition back to a half day of school. A while ago I was thinking of the most memorable book I've ever read? Hands down Anita Stansfield's book "A Time to Dance" about a mother whose son has leukemia. Trials are a proving ground, but leukemia is one of the hardest I have ever heard of. This young man is in the recovery process and art will be his way to express his emotions. What a privilege to take part in the expression of such a trial!

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