Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Russia

We went to this really cool island in Finlans. It was still set up with the walls and artillery to defend itself -- it felt like we went back in time! This is part of the city wall and this wall has little holes from which they'd shoot their cannons.

 We had so much fun trying to see how close we could get to dropping Dan in the water! And yes, I'm cheating
This was Napoleon's tomb -- the most grandiose and ornate building I've seen in my life!
This gives you a little feel for the Russian people -- the younger man Andre spent the whole day with us and the old man Arkady told me about how he's such a wonderful actor and how he has family in Connecticut and he said (in Russian of course), "They could be your next door neighbors and you might never know! So just look for someone  . . .who looks like me."

St Basil's cathedral at Red Square -- the most fun building I've ever seen!
Jammin in our shades
Studying for LSATS. Way more fun together!

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