Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love talking to Rach once every week after class.
I know no matter what I have going on we won't be able to part for at least 45 minutes of talking. Today we talked about the headlines from the Salt Lake Tribune about Pres. Packer's talk (people are upset that he's being insensitive to homosexuals) -- I DONT even want to address those claims but I do want to say what I learned from talking about them. The brethren also talked about gossiping and sleepovers (which I think was awesome!)...all of which could be blown out of the water. 

But we each have little sins that we are working on. 
Some of us have one big one (some of us have a tendency to judge, criticize, same sex attraction, or think we know better than the bretheren), some of us have a lot of little ones.

The week before the Relief Society Conference I was just not feeling so good self-esteem wise and I realized I had a strange propensity to judge people's appearance (e.g. thinking how incredibly short the lady's skirt was in the temple). Man was I chastised by President Monson that very day! 

I think I'm more of a lots of little ones person. And Rach put it in the best words EVER!
"Being happy with myself and others being who they are." 
This manifests itself in letting others be the person they want to be/are -- just because it's not MY way doesn't mean it's wrong. . . and sometimes in letting me be myself (just feeling really badly for not being as good as I could be in little things -- I could just accept that we all mistakes and keep them in proportion to the efforts I'm making).

The point being: Rach always hated when people said "marriage makes you whole." And yes, you are whole when you're single. BUT marriage has refined me more than any other experience. I have realized it's stupid to think someone else's things belong somewhere just because that's where I think they should go (my roommates will attest I sometimes rearranged their things for them ;-) ) . Well, I notice it. Also man does it help to have a boy who notices when my mood changes! -- it helps me not to fluctuate.
I love being married; especially this week.  
I have someone to help me become a little better in a very prosaic (moment to moment) way. It has been the BIGGEST BLESSING in my life. 

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