Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn According to Daniel

Daniel and I agree that this week has been the best one we've ever had. Including the week we got married.  We can't identify it but the Lord has just filled our sealing with love. 
REasOnS WhY:

Today was a day of togetherness. 
Daniel had meetings early and was standing in the parking lot waiting for me so we could go to sacrament meeting. So sweet! Luckily I decided that it would make him really happy if we could walk home together so I ran to church in my white suit and heels. As he's watching for me to drive up, he sees me running across the stadium parking lot :) 
We both got to both bear our testimony in church and feel the Spirit witness to us in such a powerful way.
This afternoon Daniel and I watched Meet the Robinsons very comfortably in our bed. We talked about how fun it will be to get our kids' perspective on that movie because we thought it was jumpy but fun.
And then we feel asleep for over two and a half hours! 
Finally, our apartment smells like pumpin pie spice, cinnamon, and nutmeg thanks to the fall cookie recipe that I invented (Dan made me say that :) with Dan's adamant approval. I loved eating cookies together and enjoying hot apple cider (courtesy of Mom and Dad) while reading the new Discover article about how they can digitally simulate aneurisms in the brain and then digitally remove them and see how the blood flow would change. We talked about how amazing technology was. 

As we were driving home from the temple on Friday Dan was saying how much it felt like a dream
It snowed on the mountains
Squaw peak was illuminated beautifully
 Cool feeling of fall in the air
Leaves are everywhere
So picturesque it seems unreal

Dan says it's the best week of his life because:
 He loves Alyssa more than ever before.

He loves being married and here's why: "this week has been filled with emotional stress, which gave us opportunities to pray very sincerely and for him to give me blessings. I especially realize how much you does for me and how much more I can do for you. I see how smart you are and more than being smart you can turn to the Lord, rely on Him and have so much faith you know miracles are going to happen; and to expect them. and they come. And we saw them 1) answer to go to law school 2) what to do to prepare and take the LSAT successfully. I was so impressed with you."

Dan sang me songs on the way to the football game (he composes them almost daily for me!!!!)
He just made me another one! Some of you may be wondering what these are like so here it is:
          Fall began and I love Alyssa more than ever before cuz she takes my breath away. Fall began and she has the best smile and I'll ask her to marry me today (he asks me most every day). Alyssa you're so strong and so smart and you always love the Lord first. Bright eyes! [Dan makes out with my arm].  
                                                     (sung to the tune of "Bright Eyes")

Our special place

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