Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ART has been my last two days, and I love it!

The program PAINT A WISH is now official through BYU!
And I taught the first student today. It was so fun to be challenged in unique ways that school doesn't fulfill. These girls are brilliant; each in their own way.
Each had their own idea of what they wanted to do--and neither of them was what I'd prepared :)
So I had to learn on the spot to work within their own ideas and still teach them something -- tricky!

Alexis had her own creative mind and drew fun "word bubbles" and witty comic dragons. Next she said, I want to draw something with a foreground, middle ground, and background -- and she drew a marvelous scene! She has a natural gift for art.

Sada -- is so precise! She reads HUGE books in a day -- and her vocabulary shows it! She wanted to read the liability statement and picked out that it said there would be two volunteers and that we only had one -- "What!" She exclaimed, "That's not what it says! There's only one of you!"
Precision in art is often a challenge -- I've experienced this frustration myself. I saw her do small practices for her "masterpiece," but never think they were good enough. As she practiced free-handing the sunflower middle, she saw the circle and hump that I drew as a bowl. "Oh, I can do bowls!" And though she wanted to start again, she worked with what she had and it was marvelous! We learned simple shading and she noticed that petals were odd-shaped and some could hide behind others and she shaded accordingly. Such a fast learner!

Also, she noticed that her sunflower looked more like echanacea. She altered it to look perfectly like echanacea! She was so so happy with herself and noted her accomplishment!

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