Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From families who know

From families who know what it's like to have a child with a "life threatening illness" I have learned so much. A trend I've seen is that they KEEP LIFE SIMPLE. Incredibly simple. I ask what they have next week and they say "nothing" or "Only Tuesday nights don't work."
"Is there a day that works better for you?" 
"A time of day?"
I ask them if __ day at __ time works and they almost always say yes. 
I ask them what their children would like to learn and their child is right there -- THEY ASK THEM!

How refreshing in a world where people rush around busily to find families who simplify and spend time together. 
The cool thing? The mothers are so perceptive to their children: their emotions, their needs, what challenges them, what's easy for them, if they are expressing themselves.
They KNOW their children. 
They help them pursue what they love. Mothers who have no interest in art help their kids use "those watercolor pens" and "pastels but man those are messy!" They love doing it TOGETHER.

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