Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Lord's tender mercies

I have had a three month relationship. I is symbiotic, but we dont both benefit. It looks like intestines have decided to expand...into my throat. At least that's what it looks like!
Well Dan and I have been sick with whatever it is since Russia -- nearly three months! No one can figure out what it is, I tested positive for a rare strain of strep but it didn't go away with amoxicillin or anti-virus, so I needed some other ideas of what it could be. Today was just too much so I went to urgent care and the doctor looked at it for less than two seconds. He wrote the prescription AS we left his office. Thanks. A lot. (I'm almost never sarcastic but desperate times call for desperate measures).
Thank goodness for the receptionist. She was so kind to help me know where to go in the first place and she felt so badly he didn't consider the options or offer suggestions; she knew just what I needed. She wrapped me in a huge hug, risking contracting this horrible disease. She told me my mom was coming tonight and that she would make everything better. I am so so grateful for kind souls like her. I love that she really cared -- when I cried, tears welled up in her eyes; she was bearing my burden with me. She was the Lord's tender mercy to comfort me today.

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