Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two Months Already!

Milah, time with you has flown by! We are the best of friends :)

We sure do love your smiles that begun a week and a half ago. I love seeing what will make you smile next...sometimes it is a bath, sometimes the paintings that are high-contrast, sometimes your toys that make noise when you hit them.

I love giving you a bath each day - I think it is one of your favorite activities :)

I love that you are such a good eater! After eating is a little rough because your digestion has not yet developed. You have a hard time digesting LOTS of things. I sometimes eat them and your face would be the saddest thing! I don't mind so much seeing you fussy-cry but it is SO hard to see you cry in pain. Especially when that pain lasts for days :(
The up-side? You keep me healthy eating pretty much fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and grains. It is super hard to eat out so we took food for a whole NYC weekend and ate out only once!

I love seeing you progress from your black and white flashcards you used to love to seeing color. You used to get distracted when you were nursing by my high-contrast shirts, but now you also stare at my shirts that are only one bright color. I can tell you are learning to see color!

Our friends from downstairs let us use their mobile and you sure do love it! I love how I can almost see the neurons firing in your brain. You process that you have control of your hand and that you can move it to make the toys make noise.

I love hoe you breathe like bunny when you are hungry

When we show you the mirror, you look at us still rather than yourself....I wonder why?

You initiate the tongue game now :)

Walks still put you right to sleep ;)

You have been to 9 states in the first 2 months of life! Great start to the 50 state goal!

We sure love you little Milah and are excited to see what you do this next month!!!


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