Monday, June 25, 2012

Castle Fort -- the Beach!

Yesterday we took a little drive to the ocean! 
It is 7 miles away so it's easy to get to. 
We were wondering how many short Sunday trips we could do without doing the same one again...there are just so many places to go within 10 miles or so of our house! 

We walked along the boardwalk and to Castle Fort. 
It is a pentagonal fort that has been rebuilt 8 times. 
They wanted to name it Adams fort for Samuel Adams, but he thought it was the place where America's freedom began so it is now named Freedom Fort. 
It is where the British departed American soil. 

We were so sad we forgot Milah's stroller! So we wrapped her up in swaddling blankets to protect her from the sun. 

We found out the island is a great place to fly kites! 
We will be back :)

Dan found a Russian man fishing and talked to him for an hour or so. 
He has a really crazy amazing story about how he came to America. 


  1. i love talking to non american people! they are so interesting. looks like such a beautiful day :)

  2. Me too! And I especially love going to non-american countries and talking to people there...although last night at Harvard Square and in the Boston Public Gardens we found some very interesting people who were American :)