Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One month


The wrinkles in your newborn skin

 Your tiny fingers
   and toes    

 Your grandpa hair

and fuzzy face

 How we wrap you up so small

We don't want to forget how you've brought us together - closer. How I did what I was so scared to do; a C-section was the hardest thing for me except for losing a loved one. And I was the most scared I'd been in my life; yet I felt peace. I knew it was right. The Lord gave me incredible peace through the procedure. 

I cried and cried for joy when I saw you for the first time. I pledged I would do anything for you -- and I had just one my anything.

The first time I tried to walk, I felt like I could never be the same again; walk the same, run the same. But I didn't fully comprehend how I would never be the same again because I felt Heavenly Father's love for you. It is a celestial feeling; one like I had never felt before. 

I am grateful for the C-section because it helped Daddy become close with you. There were things I could not do for you. I couldn't lift you out of bed, I couldn't change your diaper. Daddy did those and I had my special role too; I nursed you. And you have been an expert nurser from the very beginning. You were sucking on your way down from the nursery to see me for the first time!

I love all the tininess about you and it sure didn't last! Milah, you are growing up so fast!

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  1. She is absolutely adorable Alyssa! You are such an amazing mom! We can't wait for your little family to come back!!! :) - Lisa Judd