Friday, June 22, 2012

Public Transportation

Yesterday I jogged 4.5 miles -- yay!
Rode a bus
and took the train
(I didn't bike yesterday)

And I decided I love public transportation!

I think Dan and I are people of extremes and variety.
We talked about last night how we enjoy the city.
the diversity,
variety of food (e.g. you can have food from borneo for Tuesday night dinner),
there is always something to do,
you can move from downtown feel to city to suburbs to ocean to walden pond...get the picture?
there are tons of friends
hustle and bustle
great opportunities (last night Bro. Christiensen -- THE Brother Christiensen's son -- invited us over for dinner)
opportunities for missionary work

I love how there are so many people of different ethnicities here.
Yesterday we rode home on the bus with a girl from Nepal. She lives near Kathmandu and is studying the English language.
Lots of African Americans
Lots of Hispanics
Lots of homeless (yesterday a guy was sitting on the sidewalk totally drunk and he had a beard and ragged clothes and missing teeth and a big grin; overall his whole demeanor reminded me of the Pirates of the Carribean ride)
Lots of punks (the guy on the other side of us on the bus had pink hair and a nose ring and was wearing all black...update...Dan says it wasn't a guy, it was a lesbian with her girlfriend.)

Anyway, it's pretty exciting to say the least.

And we contribute to this excitement. A young couple Dan in his work clothes, carrying his lunch and briefcase and my diaperbag. Me with Milah and the box fan we just bought at the CVS/pharmacy (they don't have wal mart!). We are mormon and not afraid to show it (Dan gave out a pass along card yesterday -- go Danny boy!). That is an unusual site itself :)

And yes, I decided I love public transport. It's easy and has A/C (unlike Paris that has like 16 lines or Russia in 99 degree humid weather where it was SO hot in the subways and smelled bad, yesterday it was 99 and felt refreshing to go down there for our little rides).
As long as the trains aren't broken down you go down to the subway and one comes in less than 5 minutes .
Just don't miss the bus. Milah and I have done that twice this week ;)

I like city life; then my parents sent pictures of Veedawoo "spirit rocks" in Wyoming mountains and Dan and I decided we just love diversity. Hopefully someday we will own a bunch of land, plant a garden etc. but for now we are in the city and we love it!

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