Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have a few interesting things to share about Boston. 

Last night our friends told us that everyone's lease ends Sept 1. This results in everyone moving in and out. There are so many one-way streets and then you pack them with moving trucks. Our friends' moving truck got towed and driven to the other side of the bridge we live right next to (like the bridges over the roads in Cheyenne). He tried to take the truck back over the bridge and it took him an hour!!! That is like .2 miles for the entire trip. He said basically the whole city is in a grid-lock that day. Also, you know how there is tons of trash when people move in Provo; it overflows dumpsters etc? Well here that trash lines the sidewalks with couches and other old stuff people don't want! Then they send big garbage crews to pick it up. 

Another interesting thing about Boston; when you are driving on the interstate, the interstate goes right under downtown Boston! They have built a green space above it. 

Also there is a hotel that is over the freeway -- pretty crazy! Someone owned the air space rights; still, I wouldn't think land is worth that much here! 

Well there was a big project to fix the problem of over-congestion in Boston :) 

This "big dig" is the most expensive highway project EVER in the US! 

"The project was scheduled to be completed in 1998[5] at an estimated cost of $2.8 billion (in 1982 dollars, US$6.0 billion adjusted for inflation as of 2006).[6] The project was not completed, however, until December 2007, at a cost of over $14.6 billion ($8.08 billion in 1982 dollars)[6]as of 2006." And they didn't even finish what they had set out to do, they cut it short! 

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