Sunday, June 17, 2012

Milah loves to learn!

Tonight we were playing with Milah and she had a rattle on her right hand. (I, Danny, usually try to do both hands, or even favor the left a little bit to try and encourage her to think differently. :)  Any way, Alyssa saw her do a little experiment where she had both of her hands in front of her chest.  She extended the left arm and jerkily moved it a bit and heard no rattle.  She put her left hand back in front of her chest and concentrated to move the right hand out and shake it around.  When she heard a rattle she started moving it as much as she could in jerky, uneven moves. 
We switched the rattle to her left wrist and she did the same thing, focusing on trying to move her left arm and make it rattle.  We were so happy to see her progress and her love of exploring and learning.  I started chanting "MIT! MIT!" and Alyssa covered my mouth and said "BYU! BYU!". :)
We have a wonderful baby who makes parenthood the highest form of living.

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