Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trip to Pacific Grove and Carmel

The family at the beach in Carmel! 

We LOVE the beach cottage where we stayed for the week! 
The beautiful stay was a graduation gift from Ma and Pa  Holbrook!
One of the very VERY few times Milah has taken a pacifier.

My favorite Daddy-daughter pic :)


Monday we took one of our favorite walks we've ever been on. We started at the beach cottage, walked along the coast, to the farmers market, to the real estate group (of course :)), and back home. 
Milah doing yoga ;) on the beautiful purple flowers in full bloom outside the beach cottage.

While walking along the coast we saw a killer whale -- and no, that's not our zoom lens. She was 100 yards away from us! A mother and baby orca whale were chasing a sea lion, which brought them close to shore.

We ate yummy falafels at the farmers market!
Then we headed home for some Incredibles. We have only watched about 4 movies since Milah was born (as of June 13th) and they include Finding Nimo, Incredibles, The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, and probably some health documentary.


 First of all let me say Milah loves her moby; or rather, I love her moby. I love that it puts her right where she used to be all cuddled up on my tummy. I can still rub her like I used to be able to rub my tummy :-) And besides, doesn't she look adorable in there?

 We stopped along the way at a National Forest and along Highway 1 for a few hours of walking. Here is what we saw:

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