Friday, May 13, 2011

Stained Glass

I've always been intrigued by stained glass in kind of a love-hate relationship. I think it's neat and a little old fashioned but I've never seen a place I just love it.
I remember a man from Boston who was deaf who came to Shelter Cove, CA where my grandparents have a beach house. He taught us how to do stained glass and I was so fascinated as I watched him.
I knew from that day on that someday I wanted to make something out of stained glass. It didn't mean I had to master the art, but that I wanted to make a piece that was meaningful to me in some way.
I loved traveling Europe and seeing beautiful Rose windows and I also loved the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris -- it had amazing stained glass walls in the high Gothic style when the goal was to nearly erase all structural elements and instead use stained glass.
So I've told Danny I want to make a door with stained glass in our future home.
I finally figured out what I want to do -- it will be BEAUTIFUL! (And yes, probably much beyond my skill level, but what can't you do with Danny at your side?)

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