Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not coincidence

Some things happen and you know they cannot be coincidence.
Like last night Dan and I decided to check out a great lot for my clients and we ran into this neat neat lady named Lori. She introduced herself to us and we talked for quite a while. She offered that we could talk to her if we needed anything.
Then my clients (shannon and cory) came in this morning and she liked one home and he liked the other and they look very very similar on paper. So we have to find a model of each; but we only have a model of one of them.
So we walked by to look at a lot they may be interested in and once again, Lori's outside her home. She let them see her home (which is very important in purchasing a home by the way). It was beautifully decorated and nearly immaculate though she has 6 children! She gave them a much much better tour than I could have showing them how to move the island 2 feet and how to make your kitchen look bigger and how to finish the basement walls with arches and eliminate a hallway and how to create inexpensive storage and coat hangers. She was perfect! They connected with her so well! It was a God-given blessing to make them feel like they would fit into the community and love that home!
I am so grateful the Lord looks out for us in teeny ways that show us He cares.
What a glorious day!

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