Saturday, May 28, 2011

Danny works with me!!!

Danny works with me! I love it! We get to spend all day together --- driving in the car together, eating, talking to clients etc. It is AMAZING.
Somehow I knew we would end up working together because I love business just as much as he did but I never thought it would be possible this summer!
It's such a sweet deal!

Two days ago I asked my manager what he was looking for in a new employee and he said "a mirror of you." I told him I had one and he hired Dan before even meeting him.
We all met together the next morning and got along SO well!
He offered Danny a position as a Sales Consultant (which is commission) OR to be the Sales and Marketing Coordinator (which is salary) --- whichever he chooses. And he's even allowed to do both!

We get to go to meetings in SLC and weekly sales meetings together, which is so fun because I have told him about all my co-workers and the hilarity that goes on at our sales meetings each week.
I am so excited!


The Lord knows better than we do -- he set us up in a position to succeed so much better than we ever could on our own. Remember last week how my scripture study was about the future and having faith in the future and Dan's future job and that it would work out? I remember reading how the Lord would pour out the blessings of heaven upon us AND HE HAS!

I challenge you to TRY IT YOURSELF this next week. 
Read your scriptures with a question in mind and the Lord will answer your question through the words of living prophets (or the Bible if you aren't LDS). Then watch to see His promises fulfilled and blessings poured out upon you. I PROMISE YOU IT WILL HAPPEN. He is there and will hear and answer your prayers!

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