Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Day

I am so glad for happy, sunny days. I love running to the gym and seeing the dew on the grass. I love seeing tulips all open and gardens that are thriving – especially with old men working out in those gardens.
I love being in beautiful places and being able to change model homes each day because I get to be in places that remind me of the temple; they are clean and not cluttered but harmonious.
I love Danny so so much! He does everything he can each day to make my life the happiest life in the world. He’s let me take our new Sonata for most of the week and this morning he moved all my stuff into the Sorrento, which was way sweet because there was a lot of stuff! He satisfies my every whim; when I wanted to get Sammy’s shakes last night because I was hungry and on my period and hadn’t eaten basically anything all day, he took me there and loved every second of it. I love memories of guessing each other’s favorite paintings in Sammy’s and driving with the blue lights of our brand new car, listening to fun music that both of us enjoy. I love how he’s always so happy to see me when I get home and that he gives me a hug and kiss and we go sit on the bed and talk; there’s never too much stressful stuff he talks about when I get home but just pure happiness to be with him where I belong.
I love what a hard worker he is and how much he enjoys thinking of business ideas; even when we go to Sammy’s we have an idea of how this could become huge and where it would succeed and how the people in a certain place would receive it. We wondered about the cars all decorated and parked outside of Sammy’s and whether they drove those cars even with flat tires.
I think it’s so funny that he often forgets lunch. Even when he makes it; I feel so badly on days like today when I see his lunch sitting on the counter when I know he wanted it so badly and just forgot. It’s funny because you think boys are always thinking about food; but he’s not always.
He is so hot! I loved seeing him this morning in his favorite blue shirt and tie; his hair fixed and he was just bursting with energy --- ready to go conquer the world!
I love how often he calls me during the day when we’re both at work. I’m glad no one minds when I talk on the phone and that Steven knows that Dan’s completely devoted to me as Steven is to his wife --- so he’s understanding about all the talking when Dan’s at work. It’s funny because the first few months of our marriage we hadn’t been apart longer than to use the bathroom so that’s established a pattern that we just expect to be together every moment we possibly can!
I love how much he encourages me and calls me “star player” and “playmaker” and knows I will succeed. And funny thing, even if I didn’t sign a home for months he’d still think I was succeeding; even if I didn’t work hard, he’d know I was succeeding in something else. How fantastic a life I have; how fantastic a love.

P.S. this is part of a new thing I'm TRYING to do each day called a feelings journal. You just write whatever you're thinking about. Part of it is to record your happy moments but also if it's something you're worried about, you just write about it until you have nothing left to write and then burn it -- so you don't spend time agonizing about it.

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