Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trip to San Francisco -- Pier 1 and the Botanical Gardens

Again, all these pictures are Mia's great work :) I had a baby in a stroller to worry about...

Milah's favorite activity -- touching beans! 

We had fun chatting while Milah took a good, long nap. 

This squirrel was so incredibly friendly. We didn't even feed him and he still ran right up onto Mia's lap! 

Milah loved the succulents as tall as her.

She loves to "sniff" the flowers. This was the "Garden of Scents" in the botanical gardens, so she was actually getting a whiff of lavender. 

 Sorry Milah, we had to include this one. We have many of these moments along the way too. She didn't want to leave the water. Milah LOVES water. She plays for hours in the sink while I clean or make dinner. She tries to drink the stream of water, puts it through a funnel, collects it in measuring cups, uses sponges (yes, I know bad mom) to wash the window above the sink etc.

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