Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mom and Mia Visiting -- Canning

So...Dan took the GMAT Aug 17th and in preparation, we were spending about an hour together a day. Luckily, Dan's Mom and Mia came to help me out with Milah. I got so much done! It was great to get through the random stack of paper and mail that I hadn't; to pay bills; to get my new phone set up; print pictures for Dan's office and the basement; to learn to can fruit; clean; make some broth from juicing leftovers etc. We also had some fun down time watching Hudsucker Proxy, which made me think of Nicole -- I know it's one of her favorite movies and remember watching it with her and Jon when we were first dating. 

Welcome to the Holbrook kitchen where Missy taught me how to can peaches and pears. What fun!

The first night, we celebrated their arrival with dinner at Sprouts, our favorite Palo Alto Restaurant

Catch me if you can!!!
One of the most popular activities of the visit -- taking walks around the neighborhood. On this particular walk, we collected lots of apples on the ground and asked a woman for some grapefruits -- she said we could have them; so Missy and Mia had me stand on their hands and gather grapefruits! What a funny sight :)

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