Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moving in and Enjoying the CA House

Kisses through the stairs :) 

The dining room. I LOVE having a separate dining room. As a realtor, lots of people felt like it wasn't necessary, but it helps us have a real family meal every night and we can't see the kitchen mess from making dinner. It's one of my favorite features of the house

Aunt Patrice had us over Sunday for dinner and we loved spending time with their family, wishing Maddie off to college, and seeing Uncle Rick too. 
I love all the space in my kitchen -- definitely the biggest kitchen of all the houses I saw while house hunting.

Our ward is SO welcoming! We got callings right away, have been invited over to someone's house every Sunday for dinner since we moved in (which has now been 6 weeks) and we still have plans this weekend to eat with friends at the park! We feel so very welcomed! People have just stopped by randomly to say hi and get to know us and bring cookies by. The Bishop lives a few blocs away, so he also said hello.

One of Milah's favorite games where Danny throws her up on his foot so she soars into the air! 

To save money, Dan contracted himself as one of the guys to move the piano. These guys were sweating so hard! It was hard to move a baby grand piano but Dan did awesome! Thanks baby! What a great birthday present. I love the woody feel of our living room. It's so happy. Reminds me of Veedawoo and skiing and hiking the canyons.

 Blackberries from the creek right below our house. The first pie I've ever baked. It turned out really great! We enjoyed sharing it with friends the Nelson's and Grandma and Aunt Helen when they came out to visit.
We have callings -- Sunbeams teachers! Milah attended nursery a couple of months early so we can both handle the class together -- they're a pretty excited and energetic group of sunbeams. We love them :)

Our bedroom and bathroom -- I love all the storage (two small walk in closets and many many shelves floor to ceiling in the bathroom). It's awesome how much storage this house has! I have extra shelving upstairs and down that's still not being used!

The family in the living room :)

Auntie Susie came to visit on the 4th of July!

Mom was incredibly helpful in moving in! She stayed for days and helped me put everything together and find the new pieces we needed. We love her and SO appreciate her service to us! Thanks Mom!


  1. Can I just say that I love love LOVE your home! So adorable. Wishing you and your family the best!!!

  2. love love LOVE your house! especially your kitchen. that will be awesome when we finally have a real home. haha. so happy for you and your cute family :)

  3. Ok I just can't wait to see it in real life! I love it! It's perfect. I absolutely love the living room especially. I wanted that same feeling to make up for missing the mountains out here!

  4. It looks like a special place where the spirit of love and the Lord dwells. Beautiful!! :)