Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend...

Oh Milah, how I have learned what a girl you are. You LOVE anything girly! 
Some of your favorites: 
Your shoes "ISH" as you have named them. She loves to try on my shoes and wear hers whenever possible. 
You also choose your favorite dresses from your closet even if I've already dressed you in something sensible that day :) You point at the closet and say "that! that" with such enthusiasm I have to let you wear it! Yesterday it was your BYU cheerleader outfit. A little while ago we were about to leave to Home Depot when you chose a frilly Christmas dress. You wore it all over that store and we made some friends because of it.
In the picture, G'Ma and Grandad Holbrook had sent me a bracelet after their Europe cruise. You couldn't take your eyes off it. 
Now you wear headbands and bows -- adorable! I'm so thrilled :)

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