Sunday, July 22, 2012

Traveling to Nauvoo

On the way out, we got three of these huge seats to ourselves! I was so glad because Milah spit up about 2/3 cup, covering the diaper bag, handle, seat, her clothes, my shirt, and the floor. I felt so badly it almost made me cry because it was coming out of her nose. Other than that it was an amazing flight! She only cried for a few minutes of flight #3 out of 4, and that was when her ears hurt from the altitude. Everyone loved her and I had some great missionary experiences on the flights. On one of the flights, there was a 17 year old young man and he was very into his religion and was a guitar player for his worship group. On the 2.5 hour flight we talked the entire flight about miracles he's seen in his life and that I've seen and when he's felt inspired by the spirit to say something comforting to someone else. We quoted scripture and I told him I was speaking on "All things work together for our good" Sunday and he gave me great ideas!

This is how we traveled :) 
I noticed a man staring at me and I wondered if he was LDS because of his funny look on his face. He turned out to be the man I rode next to on flight #3. He told me he had been feeling immense guilt that he made his wife go through this and he just kept marveling how I traveled like this in such an organized manner. He wanted to do ANYTHING he could to help. He carried that little blue backpack for me and wanted to walk with me to my last destination. In the end, I invited him to come to dinner and a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert with Dan and me when he is in Park City in August. I really would like Dan to meet this kind man so I hope he takes me up on it! 

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