Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Performing Missionary -- A Visit to Nauvoo

I got to see my sister!!!!

I loved seeing my family again! We had people from both sides; Mom, Grandpa, McKay, Nana, Bo, Savannah, Dad, and me are all pictured here. Also, Jess, Morgan, Grandma, and Gracie were here :)

It seems like it's so much longer when Milah is growing so quickly! 
Milah loves her grandma :)

 Fun girl time opening the most darling little outfit for Milah that Mom and Savannah had picked out. It is a cute little sea life hot pink outfit with the most darling skirt and sun hat! 
 McKay was experimenting with his photography skills. We sure love doting on little Milah!

 One of my favorite things about the visit was the time I got to spend with Eden. We seemed so much closer this time; as she transitions into womanhood and moves on her own, I felt her looking to me for guidance and an example and I felt a stronger bond of sisterhood than I've felt before. I was able to take some time to tell her how amazing she is at getting through her hard trials and how much the Lord loves her. We talked about the man she's looking for -- someone just like Dan of course :) Ok, so her own version of Dan who is that perfect for her. The thing she expressed that was most important to her is a man who is happy in every situation, and doesn't just have a "bad day" where they don't want to be talked to. I like that, because Dan is just that :) his day is always a great one!
These were special moments. Somehow with missionaries you miss them even more because you can't talk to them! 

 Elder Solomon (below, to the right) is such a nice guy, I especially loved his testimony here on the Trail of Hope where the Young Performing Missionaries acted out the journal entries of the early saints.
           Eden loved seeing all the extended family!
          Eden loved seeing Milah again :)
And so did Savannah!!!!!

Milah said hi back and forth with my Dad about 16 times :)

 The beginning of High Hopes and Riverboats. This guy was hilarious and was holding the flowers above Eden's head and of course she is so short she was jumping up to try to reach them and he was teasing her!

At the close of High Hopes and Riverboats Performance

The Nauvoo Pageant, I thoroughly enjoyed. That is Eden on the right.

I loved this part! The guys were doing a great skit involving eggs. They did it fast, slow, kung-fu, and cheerleader style. It was so funny, our sides hurt!
Eden sang her little heart out with the biggest smile constantly throughout her 6 performances a day!

 McKay and I loved these beautiful pink flowers! I remember talking to Dan this night and how wonderful he was; reading his scriptures and fasting about his job. He is such a great spiritual leader of our family who magnifies his priesthood!

Cutie Milah was a trooper throughout the entire performances. This was the day my family and I went to the Nauvoo temple. It had a special spirit in that temple. I loved seeing the beautiful winding staircase and the beautiful interior of the temple including the early saints' special antiques. The ordinances in the temple were truly given to Joseph Smith from Heavenly Father. I know we are saved by the work and that we can also do the work for our dead. This links families together throughout eternity. How important it is to give everything we have and all of our talents to the to the church of God on earth. Heavenly Father is so loving that He wants us to return to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer who truly made an atonement for me and for you. He beckons us to use this atonement to become clean and forgiven of our sins. How grateful I am that Joseph Smith restored the priesthood of God on earth. 

"I too can testify this is the Christ the Holy Son of God, our Savior, Lord, Redeemer of mankind. This is the Christ the healer of our souls who ransomed us with purest love Divine."

Spiral Staircase
Where the early presidents of the church spoke to the people

 We loved spending time with Eden in during this Sunset on the Mississipi performance and did it every single night because we got to talk to her the most when the little kids were called up to march with the performers in the band -- I always joined in, of course! I can pass for a 16 year old if it means I get sister time!

A BIG thanks to Mom and Dad for providing the glorious home where we all got our own comfy beds, food for all of us (most of which Mom brought all the way from good 'ol Wyo because there wasn't much in Nauvoo), and for paying for me to fly out! I am so so grateful I didn't miss this blessed experience!

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