Sunday, July 22, 2012

Milah is 3 Months Old!!!!!

A few MILESTONES of note as Milah turns 3 Months Old.

Milah loves her Grandma LaLa!

She LOVES shiny things. Anything shiny is her favorite! She still can't get over the brass light fixtures, she smiles and gooes at it.

The other day she was looking at herself in the mirror and when she would smile and make the sucking-in-air high pitched giggly squeal it would make her do it more and more until she would cough. Oh man it made me laugh!

She is SO intent on looking at this yellow flower pattern on the quilt. She LOVES it! Especially one day this week it seemed like she just noticed that specific pattern. It would draw her into a trance from across the room and all she wanted to do was sit there and study it...while I nursed, over my shoulder, sitting in her boppy. Get this, then she started TALKING to it in her baby words. Milah, that's what you do with me! Not with a blanket! It made me laugh so hard because she has this specific turtle face that she makes. It looks just like this: 
You are hilarious my little one! 

Today was a big MILESTONE, Milah learned to grab objects! We were sitting there in church and I was wearing a big, shiny necklace. Milah noticed it, fixed her eyes on it, and went for it. She learned a few days ago that her hand was her own, but we saw her for the first time jerkily move her  right hand (the left is not so developed so that one took a while) towards my necklace and touch it. Then she wrapped her fingers around the necklace and it was all hers! She could move it, shake it around etc. She was so focused and intent! We loved it! 

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