Monday, July 9, 2012

Meeting Danny for Lunch -- In Other Words, I Ran 9.5 Miles :)

Today I went on a run with Milah...this run turned out to be 9.5 miles! We decided to try the opposite side of the river (the way Dan goes to work). After running for a while, I noticed the Esplanade where we saw the Boston Pops perform and I knew we were fairly close to Dan's work. So we decided to jog the last mile or so and meet him for lunch. We had a fabulous time!
This is the healthiest Asian food I've ever eaten! But the funny thing is, it's at a Mexican restaurant and you can order as many ingredients as you want, so I basically combined a salad with a burrito with Asian food. I know, it sounds strange but I thought it was really good! And it was definitely healthy :)

On the run we could see beautiful ships in the Boston harbor. It was pretty windy and they were sailing by the bridge and you could see downtown, so I thought it was pretty and I took a picture :)

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