Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boston Children's Hospital

This beautiful place, Boston Children's Hospital, is a magical land of beautiful paintings, artwork, and life-size ponds. When you enter, you begin a world tour through each of the rooms. Except in Milah's room this time there was something even better. A bright colored painting of a little doggie on the beach. They know exactly what little babies love in the Orthopedic Pediatric's office :)
All the receptionists oohed and aahed over Milah. 

The bathroom had a 5 ft changing table -- impressive! 

And many little children had disabilities, so when we walked out of the doctor's office with Milah's brace it didn't seem so strange. 

Then we got home and reality hit. This is going to be a little challenge for us. We change her diaper differently, nurse differently, don't wake up to Milah kicking her legs and flailing her arms as crazy as she can (which was so joyful). When we put on the brace at first she cried and that was sad, but she's getting used to it and so are we. Today at church a few of the ladies asked "Alyssa???" and I actually didn't know what they were pointing at! 

So the therapy is 23 hours a day for at least a month. We'll make it through! 

P.S. Danny and I laugh because every time she goes to the hospital or doctor's office, she learns a new way to cry. Sure enough, Dan came home that night and said "Wow, milah seems like she's crying differently!" 

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